URJA'23 - Sports Day Session 23-24

LDC Public School embraced the spirit of unity and sportsmanship at its energetic annual sports day held in the premises of LDC Public School on 2nd December 2023 .The event was full of enthusiasm, bringing together the students of LDC, parents and the family of Managing Committee Mr. Vivek Gupta Ms. Pooja Gupta & Ms. Geeta Arora under the theme “Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat” showcasing the collective energy and talent of our students, educators, and the entire school community.

Words of praise: Dr Dhannajay Chopra appreciated the theme of the program and appreciated the hard work and dedication of the participants. He stressed the importance of sports in building character and instilling discipline.

Grand Opening: The day started with a warm welcome by the chief guest Dr Dhannajay Chopra and distinguished guests including Ms. Divya Gupta, Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Mr. Pankaj Arora. Lighting of the lamp, followed by a mesmerizing invocation of the blessings of the Almighty. Mr.Vivek Gupta, the Chairman LDC Public School Committee, appreciated the overall development promoted by sports activities and emphasized on their integral role in the curriculum.

Leading to Victory: The event showcased the athletic prowess of the five Houses of the school through a spirited march-past led by school Headboy Harshit Singh and Headgirl Vaishnavi Kesarwani followed by other School Cabinet Ministers. Vivekananda House was the best in demonstrating discipline and perfection in the Match -Past . The day concluded with Aryabhatta House securing the winner's shield, spreading joy among teachers and students alike. The event underlined LDC Public's commitment to nurture talent and promote holistic development.

Creative Showcase: 'Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat.' “Each display celebrated the diversity, heritage and unity that defines the nation. The day concluded with felicitating the outstanding athletes which included Vaibhav Singh, Shivam Gupta and Mohammad Kaish, were honored as the best athletes in various categories. Vijendra Soni stood first in the guardian race. LDC Public School's Annual Sports Competition not only celebrated athletic achievement but also demonstrated the school's vibrant spirit, unity and commitment to excellence in all endeavours the students displayed creativity through House Pyramids, Cultural Events to showcase unity in diversity.

Awards and Achievements: Yoga presentations and Robotic display all based on the theme was the most amazing and the Principal of the School, Ms. Geeta Arora, while presenting the Annual Report of the school said that the school has achieved great success in the overall performance of the students. For development the resolution is set to reflect on the achievements of URJA 2023.

Conclusion: Urja 2023 was a testament to the vibrant spirit that defines LDC Public School. The collaborative efforts of students, educators, and parents have laid a strong foundation for continued growth and success in the years to come.