Rules of Discipline

1. It is compulsory to carry the school diary daily.
2. No child is permitted to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal, which will be granted only when parents/guardians come to pick them up. Students will not be allowed to go out of school with uncle, aunt, elder brothers/sisters etc.
3. Children are not allowed to wear jackets/ blazer as per the colour of the uniform.
4. Use Bio-degradable & Non –biodegradable dustbins & do not make the school premises dirty.
5. No books(other than text books) electronic gadgets, cameras, mobile phones etc. Should be brought to school Rs. 500/- will be collected as fine if any one of these gadgets found in possession.
6. All students must speak in Engilsh.
7. No collection of money for any purpose should be done without permission of the Principal.
8. Do not bring valuables or money to school.The school is not responsible for this if it is lost.
9. Parents are not permitted to walk into classrooms during school hours.
10. Students should always greet their teaches, elders, friends in a pleasant & audible tone of voice.
11. If any student misbehaves or involves outsiders in a fight/ quarrel will be suspended from the school.
12. Students who do not go by the school vehicle, should not leave the campus for any reason, should be seated all together in one of the classrooms close to the office.
13. Enrolment in LDC implies, on the part of the pupils & parents, willingness to comply with the requirements & regulations of the school.
14. The Principal has the right to suspend any pupil without having to state any reason provided it is in the interest of the school.
15. Students are not allowed to bring bike to school. Fine of Rs. 200/-will be charged if found violating the rules.
16. Students have to take care of their belongings & school is not responsible for the theft or damage under any circumstances.