General rules for students

1. Children should come to school punctually in a neat and clean uniform.
2. Children must go to their respective classes and get ready for the morning prayer.
3. Children should keep their classroom neat and tidy. Garbage should be thrown in the dustbins only.
4. The lunch begins with a prayer. Children are taught proper table manners like spreading their napkins neatly on the table, chewing their food without making noise and not talking while eating.
5. When its time to go home children come out of their respective classes after the prayer. Children are lined separately for bus/trolley / tempo/ van and those going with parents/guardians.
6. Parents are requested to send a written note (through page provided for absence notes on Page 19)for leave application should be mentioned, if the child is absent from school explaining the reasons for his/her absence.
7. In all working days and school functions, students should wear school uniform only.
8. In any circumstances the students will not be allowed to leave the school premises during regular teaching hours.
9. Usage of cell phones, camera, electronic gadgets in the college campus is strictly prohibited.
10. No motor bikes (with gear and without gear) are allowed in and around the school premises.