PLACE-Buddha Hall


S.No Name Designation
1. Mrs.Pooja Gupta Director
2. Mrs. Geeta Arora Principal
3. Mrs. Purnima Bhaskar Councellor
4. Mrs. Babitanjali Yadav Discipline Incharge (Girls)
5. Mr. Amit Srivastava Senior Coordinator
6. Mr. Mayank Tripathi Discipline Incharge (Boys)
7. Harshit Singh (Head Boy) Student
8. Vaishnavi Shukla (Head Girl)

Being Principal of the school, I extend a warm welcome to all members present in the meeting. Though this period has been a very challenging for all of us but gradually moving and eliminating obstacles from time to time we have successfully passed this 2023 - 24.

As we know that I along with my teachers and specially the members of the committee aim to sensitise parents about sexual offences against children and assured them for support in any such eventuality.

“Our students come from small urban villages, unauthorised colonies and slums, where sexual offences against children are reported often. We keep an eye on symptoms of abuse in them — for example, attendance issues, displaying withdrawal symptoms, or becoming emotional or violent for no reason. The idea is to sensitise parents about these issues.”

“This time, we have decided to talk to the parents about the POCSO Act and the powers and punishments it confers. For example, if they get to know that their child has been abused, whether within the family or outside, they must report it to the police or childcare helpline 1098. If they complain, under sections of the POCSO Act, they can be imprisoned for six months,”

LDC Public school has held a session for the parents during the PTM. The teachers and the members present in the meeting have been directed to make posters to make kids aware about ‘good touch and bad touch”.

Parents sitting in the meeting were also requested to check the circle of their ward and should always take the updates about their children.

Mrs Purnima Bhaskar children counsellor also motivated the parents to trust their children and convince them that their parents are the safest corner to confide their problems.

Meditational / Yoga session will also help children to be aware of the spiritual significance in one’s life. As this year has passed in the online classes we have no cases of sexual harassment.

Lastly Principal assured parents that whatever be the circumstances LDC PUBLIC SCHOOL is always be there to help the child in their holistic development and also requested parents to cooperate. As overall growth of a child is joint responsibility of parents and school.

The meeting concluded at 2:00pm on a congenial note.

Minutes of meeting
Venue-Buddha Hall
Attendees Present-112

Time Details
12:00pm-12:05pm Introduction of meeting was given by host Mr. Amit Srivastava sir(senior coordinator)
12:05pm-12:20pm Description of rules and regulation of LDC Public School was introduced by Mrs. Babitanjali ma’am(middle wing coordinator)
12:20pm-12:30pm Cross questioning by Parents about the school’s terms and condition
12:30pm-12:40pm Inspirational words by Director ma’am
12:40pm-12:47pm Motivational words by our respected Principal ma’am
12:47pm-12:57pm Few words by our respected counsellor Mrs Purnima Bhaskar for parents and children
12:57pm-1:00pm Vote of thanks by Mr. Mayank sir