School Discipline Committee

School Discipline Committee

The LDC Public School Discipline Committee is constituted for the maintenance of discipline in the school. The committee will ensure that students obey rules and remain orderly and peaceful in the pursuant of educational Objectives/goals in the school community.

Discipline of the school is one of the yard stick to assess the school performance. Discipline helps in creating conducive learning atmosphere. As such it is important to have proper and systematic discipline policy in the school. The policy is also designed to promote fairness in taking disciplinary action.

Besides the school discipline committee also ensures the safety and security of the students. It keeps a sharp vigil upon the safety & security of all the students inside the campus. Since we are running with online classes this year therefore committee has decided to be more vigilant in each & every activity of students in what’s app group and in online classes too.

LDC Public School based in Soraon Prayagraj is a co-educational CBSE Affiliated school Up to senior Secondary Comprising of strength of 950 students& 50 teaching staff & 13 Non-teaching staff. The School discipline Committee members are:

S.No Member Designation
1. Mrs. Geeta Arora Principal
2. Mr. Mayank Tripathi Overall Head Incharge of Discipline
3. Mr. Kavish Johar & Mrs. Ekta Prakash Senior Wing Discipline Incharge
4. Mrs. Babitanjali Yadav & Mr. Satish Tiwari Junior Wing Discipline Incharge
5. Mrs. Purnima Bhaskar School Counsellor

The Disciplinary Committee will look into the following function under the guidance of the undersigned-

To serve as model in terms of character training and behavior for students.

To assist the students in conforming to school rules and regulations.

To help students develop self-discipline.

To administer consequence commensurate with offence committed by any students.

To frame new school rules and regulations in consultation with the undersigned for the students behavioral aspect.

To promote and encourage good behavior among the teachers and students.

To create an environment that is conducive to peaceful and harmonious co-existence of staff & students of different houses and grades.


 This subject area has a lot to look at and can have many different opinions and aspects of what many people may consider the right type of discipline.

 All in all we as educators and rising educators need to take into account that our students and children need to have organization & consistency in their lives.

 Discipline gives consistency to our students and children.

This gives them structure for not only the classroom but for their everday lives and their futures.

 Discipline is very effective way tomake sure that machine runs in the right order at all times.

 Every decision taken by the Discipline Management Committee will be acceptable to all the children and teachers of the school.

The school discipline committee meeting was held on 13/09/2021. It ended on a congenial note with vote of thanks from Mr. Mayank