Rules for payment of fees

Fees will be collected quarterly & will be paid in 4 installments for the current session as stated below :-
Fees to be paid by
1st Installment
April, May, June 1st April -15th April
2nd Installment
July, August, September 1st April -15th July
3rd Installment
October, November December 1st April-15th Oct.
4th Installment
January, February, March 1st April-15th Jan.
1. A Fine of Rs. 10/- will be charge for everyday delay after the due date.
2. If Fee not paid till 30 th May of 1 st Installment,
31st Aug. of 2nd Installment,
30th Nov. of 3rd Installment,
28th /29th Feb. of 4th Installment,
The Student`s name will be automatically struck off from the School.
3. Fees will be charged from the beginning of the year, even though a child is admitted in the middle of a term.
4. Once the admission , activity & miscellaneous fees have been paid they will not be refunded even if the student is withdrawn.
5. Parents/Guardians will kindly save the receipts issued to them in proof of payments of fee if needed.