Redressal Committee Report (23-24)

Redressal Committee Report (23-24)


Place- Buddha hall
Report by-Mayank Tripathi

S.No Name Designation
1. Mr.Vivek Gupta Director
2. Mrs. Pooja Gupta Managing Director
3. Mrs. Geeta Arora Principal
4. Mr. Amit Srivastava Senior Coordinator
5. Mrs. Babitanjali Yadav Middle Wing Coordinator
6. Mrs.Talqueen Shaikh Pre-Primary Coordinator
7. Mr. Mayank Tripathi Secondry Coordinator
8. Mr. Punit Verma Discipline Incharge
9. Mrs. Ekta Prakash Srivastava Activity Incharge
10. Mr. Praveen Singh Admin
11. Harshit Singh (XII Comm.) Head Boy
12. Vaishnavi Shukla(Xiimaths) Head Girl
13. Mr. Ankit Shukla PTI

The LDC Public School has formed a grievance redressal committee following the CBSE norms.The function of the committee is to take action against the complaint lodge by any student related to bullying , ragging, harrasement , inappropriate behaviour etc. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the committee members in person or in case the person is unwilling to reveal the identity, grievances may be dropped in writing

The grievance will include any matter relating to students and staff.

The committee is requested to contribute effectively to dispose of the grievances at the earliest.

It also ensures:-

• To provide an enabling environment for children’s personal, physical, social, emotional, moral and intellectual development.
• To encourage and respect other employee’s and children voices & views.
• To be inclusive and involve all children without selection or exclusion on the basis of gender, disability , ethnicity, religion or any other status.
• To develop special measures/supervision to protect younger and especially vulnerable children from peer and adult abuse.
• To make one aware and educated on the laws, rules and guidelines related to child protection as amended from time to time.

Recently The Redressal Committee of LDC PUBLIC SCHOOL 23-24 held a meeting on18th April 2023 along with the parents on zoom app. Maximum parents cooperated and agreed to the rules and regulations of the school. All the four coordinators gave the solution of some problems asked by the parents of all the wings. Gradually many parents became satisfied after seeing the academic performance of their students and thus the meeting ended up on a positive note.

Details minutes of meeting
Venue-Buddha Hall
Attendees Present-112

Time Details
12:00pm-12:05pm Introduction of meeting was given by host Mr. Amit Srivastava sir(senior coordinator)
12:05pm-12:20pm Description of rules and regulation of LDC Public School was introduced by Mrs. Babitanjali ma’am(middle wing coordinator)
12:20pm-12:30pm Cross questioning by Parents about the school’s terms and condition
12:30pm-12:40pm Inspirational words by Director ma’am
12:40pm-12:47pm Motivational words by our respected Principal ma’am
12:47pm-12:50pm Vote of thanks by Mr. Mayank sir